What we are doing?

Our products are mainly for Chinese to travel to the United States, can make an appointment before they haven't been on. Our products can let more Chinese people see American goods, by appointment, they can buy the real thing, and do not need to line up, enjoy a higher quality service. Our products can let more businesses in the United States by the Chinese people know, and can be flexible stock, through a variety of statements can clear goods movements, for merchants to provide a clear direction. More advantages, the use of our products you will understand.

Mini Program for WeChat

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Expand business in China market, improve the popularity. As long as you use our service, all these have become simple. You can clearly know how many orders increased every day, a day which is the best selling goods, you can also choose to 7 days, 15 days, 30 days to different changes of user data. To get our service, you can understand all the Chinese market, also at etc. What, hurriedly action!

Reporting Services

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Through the traffic statistics can analyze your goods being noticed by the user. In different time to get accurate report every day.


Order report. Order forms for reporting statistics to analyze what are the orders every day, every day how much income, income also can be analyzed in 7 days and the trend of orders. By completing the order, we can help you to analyze which products sell best throughout the day. In 7 days for a cycle, we can analyze where your income is the highest in a day.


Through regional distribution form you can know which part of China which part of your favorite products, know the most of your products.


This form can let you know how many new customers and old customer, can you keep new customers, the growing popularity of active and old customers to promote your store, and be able to continue.


The user list lets you know the user's basic information.




Other reports, user's cell phone, when to log in, etc.

How it works

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